Airport, Church, Grad-School

I’m skipping church this morning to chauffeur my mom to the Nashville airport. She’s headed to South, I think, Carolina to look after her first cousin who’s just had 4x bypass surgery. I’ll miss the group and the sermon at Barnchurch, but will probably attend next week. I have most of the application requirements completed now for the University of Wisconsin Stout’s online master’s degree program in my current field of endeavor. Hopefully this will open some more doors for me, and my decline to State (employment – you couldn’t really call it a career) will be arrested. Maybe I’ll open a frozen banana stand here at Stepford. Heck, my eldest brother and his son have opened a deli at San Pedro. What do we always say? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Later: Back from the airport. It’s North Carolina.

Gotta pen a two-page statement of my vocational and educational goals. Caution-Lady’s gone to the store, and El Ninito’s taking his midday siesta.

I still haven’t figured out how to get links to appear on this page.

Changed the theme in order to get links and pages tabs to appear. I liked the Halloween orange and chimney black theme better. Still, it wasn’t sufficiently functional.

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