Tired Now

Mugging for the Camera

Finished the autobiographical puff-piece required for inclusion in the graduate program application, updated a resume, also for inclusion. I completed the online application yesterday. Still, it was a good exercise, taking stock of what I’ve done vocationally for the last 20 or so years – an inconsistent admixture of journalism and social work. At least God may not someday in judgment accuse me of burying what he’d given me to trade with. At least not those two talents.

Before printing, I’m going to get some sleep, then reread what I’ve written. I don’t think I’ve ever had the benefit of an editor who is my equal in the domain of written fluency. That’s not true, the wizened Larry Nee, although I strongly disagreed with him politically, was a good editor and taught me plenty. He was also capable of arguing and disagreeing amicably. Probably because he’s an old guy who paid attention to life while living it.

Will probably have to drive to the geographical center of Tennessee tomorrow to overnight express the material to Wisconsin. Already I’ve scheduled some time out of the office for a dental appointment. Cleaning, just cleaning.

4 thoughts on “Tired Now

  1. Chris,

    Wow! A new blog! I wish you much success with this site. The Yahoo blog did seem to not update at times – I used to press the F5 button and something else would come up! And links to me, too: many thanks.

    Good luck with the dental appointment, as you may know, I am no stranger to the dentist’s chair of late.

    Paddle on,
    with best wishes for this site,

  2. Egad, no, had no idea you’ve spent time in fearful chair…I started to say I hadn’t heard the one about the dancer and the dentist, but thought better of it. My own teeth, crooked and uneven, are a source of some embarrassment, and one reason I rarely smile for the camera.

    I got fed up with Yahoo losing posts, failing, as you noticed, to update reliably, the fact that only Yahoo account holders could comment my posts, broken Flickr dysfunction. Saturday morning I worked on a post containing droll witticisms and working Internet links, hit the send/post button, and it was gone. Vzzzt. Wouldn’t have been a problem if I’d worked it all out ahead of time in a text document, then cut and pasted into the blog edit text-box, but mostly I write this stuff off the top of my head. I mean, who would seriously write out their blog entries in Word, saving them in little folders by date and subject? Yeah, someone who doesn’t want their Yahoo content lost forever.

    Sorry about the self-absorbed rant.

    It’s good to hear from you. Haven’t seen you at FKO forum – some English paddlers have been posting there talking about possibly getting together for a falt-fest.

  3. Rods,

    I just read the newsletter you sent today. Man, that sounds terrible. What trips me out about your narrative is you were able to walk either home or to your car without anybody asking if you needed help. Sounds as if you may have a product-liability lawsuit. I’d at least try to get the manufacturer to pay medical expenses.

    Hope your rehab (not the singing, sweaty-looking gypsy babe type rehab, no, no, no) and recovery are speedy, complete, and permanent.


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