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Today at Weight Watchers I weighed-in, beating my goal of 170 pounds, fully clothed. I started at about 187 pounds in early-mid-December, 2007, so I’ve made good progress. In the best shape of my life, during my middle-thirties, I weighed about 165 – 167 pounds, walking about seven miles, five times a week, and weight training. Alas, slaving for the State, marriage, and now El Ninito make a return to that obsessively disciplined lifestyle unlikely.

At 44, I’m feeling a little weak and pencil-necked at this weight, and have made up my mind this is enough. I plan to eat about 31 or 32 WW points per day to maintain or gain a little. My friends Fat Tony and Math Doc are probably laughing themselves sick, and preparing some form of clever mockery, or, more likely, torture, as you read this.

This morning I pretty much finished up the grad school application process. I experimented with driving the posted speed limit on the freeway – 70 mph or, if I recall this correctly, about 114 kph. Like driving in a whole other universe – a thoroughly relaxing, enjoyable drive, pretending to be just another anonymous motorist. got lost in Murfreesboro, but eventually found the Fed-Ex store. On the way in to the office, later, I also kept the vehicle’s speed pretty close to the legal limit. Andreas, aka Kapitan von Klepper would probably commend my, probably temporary, relinquishment behind the wheel of soulish narcissism. Actually, I’m surprised I was able to do it. Probably stems from tiredness and the desire to avoid a crash.

Turns out I had to also provide transcripts from the Baptist seminary. Three of the five or seven colleagues I’ve asked to send recommendations have done so, and three’s all I need. Maybe another couple recs will get in tomorrow. Very frankly, I think it’ll be a miracle if I’m accepted since I haven’t got any management or administration support in this matter.

Also, although I wrote an autobiographical “goals and mission” statement as directed in the application instructions, I probably included enough truth to incense divisional management and others of their sort. On the other hand, miracles sometimes happen. Depending on whether I get into the master’s prog, I may publish my heroic-sounding self-disclosure here.

During tooth-cleaning this afternoon, I overheard my dentist tell his assistant, “Look what good teeth he has.” Good’s gotta mean something other than straight, even, and pearly white. We also discussed theology, specifically holiness, society, Dispensationalism. My dentist opined, “Dispensationalists are antinomian.” But are they?

Heck, I’m probably antinomian, and I don’t even adhere slavishly to every tenet of a particular theology. Makes me uncategorized fauna of sorts in the theological garden.