Traffic’s way down since I moved over here. One of the better features WordPress offers real public commenting – anyone who wishes to comment on this blog may do so without signing up for a WordPress account. Odd thing is, I keep getting hits over on the Yahoo site even though I’ve posted notice that it’s abandoned. Well, I like abandoned buildings and waste places, so maybe it’s not that strange that others continue to find their way to that place now inhabited only by the screech-owl and the ghost of my online self.

I added a link over there (at right) under Folding Kayaks & Camping that you should look at. It’s the website of a guy over at whose moniker is Flatwater. He’s taken the time to post trip reports, some photos, information about Folbots from the 1970s.

I once had a Folbot Square-Stern I bought from someone at the Folbot Forum for $100.00 plus shipping. My wife hated the boat, and I basically gave it away. The things we do for our wives. Well, I’ll be honest, I’d reached a point where I needed a boat to use, not one to wrack my brains and slash my hands trying to “restore” or at least make useable.

Finally, I just rechecked a web address (but I don’t know if you’ll want to look at it) given me by a guy I met at Gath Baptist Church in McMinnville, Tennessee, on your left as you go from McMinnville to Smithville. He performed a solo at a service my wife and I attended. We’d been invited by my old friend Jeff, who was serving as interim pastor/pulpit-guy. Jeff and I served the people of the State of Tennessee as probation officers for juvenile offenders in Warren, Van Buren, and whatever the hell the name of that county is in which Woodbury is situated.

As I was saying, that web address, which had been inactive for over a year, is now populated with a website. And the guy’s got some of his music available as mp3 downloads. Reminds of 1970s folksy-hippie Christian music. It’s funky, homegrown, and at least one of the songs is horrible, but horrible in a horribly fascinating way. My friend, Jeff, and this guy served together in the United States Marine Corps years ago.

Speaking of hippie Christian music reminds to point to the website of Radio Roswell, who claims that genre as his own.

The baby’s been fussy today, and my wife has a “motherhood can be trying” look on her face. I better get busy with stuff around the house.

No pictures today.

One thought on “Traffic

  1. What I forgot to mention, is that for the most part, I like the mp3s I listened to on the GYHOOTS site, and the guy’s message, Get Your Head Out Of The Sand!, is one that it is well to heed, regardless of political or societal persuasion. The party’s about over, and the band’s thinking about having a last drink, playing one more number, and packing up…

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