Another Sail Rig…

Instruction-sheet for Folbot\'s famous lateen sail rig.

A gentleman from Louisiana has offered to give me one of these sail-rigs. Hoping to pick it up in May or June. I believe it will work with the RZ-96.

My first boat, a 1967 Folbot Square-Stern that consistently bloodied my hands and took time I didn’t have much of in my attempts to render the craft useful, came with one of these sailing rigs. I pretty much gave the boat away to a fellow who wished to use it at his friends’ North Carolina beach house. He said he had experience with these boats, and wanted it for sailing. A couple of months after taking charge of the ancient behemoth, he sent the following pictures:

I wish I’d kept the boat, if only for the red sail.

Here’s a very interesting page with photos of 17′ Folbot Super (no longer manufactured – Folbot now makes and sells the Greenland II).

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