This Story Cracked Me Up

You all need to have a look at this piece if you can handle reading profanity where profanity’s the appropriate word in its context.  Heck, you’re probably already familiar with this piece, but I read it this evening for the first time and was laughing so hard my wife, scrapbooking at a desk behind me, took notice.  So here it is:  Some Atheist Guy Infiltrates Texas Megachurch Indoctrination Weekend.

7/27/10 – Update – I got a copy of this book last year and have been desultorily perusing it.  Here’s the skinny:  The excerpt linked above is probably the best part of the book.  The author seems unable to pen any digression without liberally depositing expletives therein, and the book appears to be comprised of a series of digressions.  While the bit I’ve linked to is entertaining, as a profanity-laced book, it gets tedious.  Save your money.

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