Die Cheap, Right Now

Marginal images from Frankfort Avenue Reservoir, Color Pencil & Ink, I don\'t recall the year

The girls in the back of the classroom had been whispering about something – “It was a funeral home ad – I said, ‘Die Cheap!,’ and she said, ‘Right Now!'” So the teacher minding the end-of-day study session held the class over 10 minutes, and another girl had to run for the school bus to get home. The girl who ran teased the girl who got the class held after at the first girl’s retirement lunch in a rural Middle Tennessee county this afternoon, about 30 years later. Die Cheap – made me laugh, sounded like a cross between an Ian Fleming and a Raymond Chandler title.

I worked away from the office today in that rural county. The women there were holding a retirement party party, and needed the room I’d reserved for testing. I was happy to oblige them by using a cubicle and small conference room to work with my charges. One of the ladies invited me share their lunch, which I did. Ate two huge helpings of spiced greens, some sliced tomatoes, two potato wedges, two small handfuls of popcorn fried chicken I at first mistook for fried okra, and three chocolate-chip cookies. Yep, Loggie, thought I’d try the okra, but lucked out and got chicken instead 🙂

I could’ve used the funeral ad exchange on the Chattanooga Chu Chu thread. I miss the nonsense.

6 thoughts on “Die Cheap, Right Now

  1. Chattanooga! This brings back memories. But no time at the moment for nonsense, Chris – spent 5 hours yesterday being logged off by AOL – finally reinstalled the software and lost all my email addresses which means I’ll have to manually type in all those newsletter emails!

    Perhaps I should climb back on board the train. I need a rest.

  2. And now one of my monitors (I’ve got it set up for three) has packed in! What is happening. I’m blighted by the computer gods.
    Blight, bight, blight…

  3. Chris,
    Definitely not editing video and sound. I’m the computer klutz from hell. Somehow – and don’t ask me how I did it – I installed a three monitor set-up a few years ago when I was trading futures. Still trying to sort out AOL and my email! Oh, and AOL is well established on this side of the Atlantic. I’m just probably too lazy to change but if this keeps up I will!

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