Fussiness Cure

Nothing else works?

Put the baby on his changing table and get out the rhythmic shaker-egg.

Do the shaker-egg dance while singing gibberish that sounds like space-alien talk while making exaggerated faces.

The fussy baby will begin to smile and laugh.

Hold the shaker-egg in his left hand and shake it while singing and sort of dancing in place with him.

Then alternate hands.

This is a big hit.

Father’s Day – 6/15/08:  In the Xanthic Nursery this evening, Caution-Lady shot some Pentax Optio WR 3.2 video of my shaker-egg dance demonstration.  Little ’76 was, for the most part, more interested in CL and the camera than in my buffoonery.  Maybe better video another time when we get a dedicated video camera.