RZ96 Backpack Photos

This morning Eric and I disassembled and repacked the RZ96. I thought it’d be a good time to try using the long packing sack as a backpack. Heck, it’s got should straps sewn on. Once I got it onto my back, the bag wasn’t too heavy or awkward. Three intentionally goofy, commented photos are here. Well, at least photos two and three were intentional. That first picture is something else.

2 thoughts on “RZ96 Backpack Photos

  1. Chris,

    That backpack is as long (I think) but not as wide as one I originally intended to carry the Puffin Sport in! Apart from losing two inches of height as I tried to make it to my front door (and the five crushed ribs). The thought of the comments on my one mile walk to the sea stopped me even venturing outside. You’re braver than me. But I have to say, the weight and volume is absolutely the reason I bought and love the Alpacka packraft (4lbs). Enjoyed these photos. But I think if you were 5’9″ before strapping it on you’re probably 5’3″ now!

  2. Puffin Sport’s a little boat, what else did you have in the bag?

    5′ 3″ – Soon I will be trying out as a Munchkinlander extra in the off-Broadway, Stepford Civic Light Opera production of Wicked. If I could only carry a tune…

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