It Looks Like Pig-Latin

Today’s been okay, so far. Lately I’ve been writing out the idiom, ‘okay,’ as opposed to using the initials, ‘O.K.’ To me, it makes no difference, in terms of correctness, in terms of convention, whether to write it one way or the other. If I write the ubiquitous figure of speech using four letters (and all I’ve really done thereby is to spell out two sounds vocalized that’ve glottal stop clashed in their juxtaposition), then I don’t have to mess around with thinking about whether to capitalize the initials, then hit the dot key. Don’t have to fiddle with the shift key, either. Simplifies things for me if I write ‘okay.’ It looks like pig-latin.

Now you know.

I paddled Woods Reservoir today. Campsis Radicans in bloom all along the lake’s edge, from the causeway toward Morris Ferry Dock, and up the Elk. Only managed about eleven and a quarter miles today, but it felt like fifteen (I have no reason for writing out my numbers; I wanted to see what eleven and a quarter looked like) because I overate yesterday while hanging out at Doros’ house, then, later, with about a hundred other people, at Darryl’s house in Flintville. Probably about 55 – 65 Weight Watcher’s points. This morning I stood on the scales without a stitch, and tipped them at 168.7 pounds – up 4.3 pounds from yesterday morning. Ugh.

This evening, I’m supposed to go to Alabama with relatives to the home my uncle, John. I’m thinking about staying home, because if I go, I know I’ll eat another belly full of food I shouldn’t. If I stay home, I can watch Jaques Tati’s Mon Oncle, or Nanook of the North, both of which arrived in the afternoon mail from Netflix. I’ve got a kitchen full of healthy food, and I was social yesterday. On the other hand, I have lately and for the most part been enjoying time spent with my family.

I guess I’ll finish writing later, and will post some photos from the lake.

I mostly worked on my forward stroke on the lake, today, trying to minimize sound while paddling, because I prefer quiet paddle-water sounds to cacophonous splashing. May have nothing to do with efficiency, although I tried working on that, too. Torso rotation, foot pressure, chicken-wing, canted blades.

I put in at Old Brick Church Road boat-ramp, then out past the islands mid-lake toward the bridge, and a sharp left on the Morris Ferry side, paddling up toward the place the yellow water-lilies grow. On the way, I found a refrigerator door. Although I took a lot of pictures, none of the water-lily pictures turned out very well. I got out of the boat in shallow water to stretch near the lilies, and took some kayak pictures.

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