Another Dream

Last Sunday, I think, I looked at photos from this place, The Graveyard of Ships, that were linked to an East Coast kayaker’s personal webpage describing a paddling trip through the area. I guess paddling around those derelict hulks sounds appealing to me, as I enjoy industrial ruin and waste places, and my enjoyment of them would increase exponentially if I got to explore them kayak. Last night, I dreamed I was in a place completely snowed-in and found two very old, intact steamships, one of which was named Kodiak, but the name of the other I did not learn. Nice thing about dreamworld is it’s never too cold.

3 thoughts on “Another Dream

  1. Incredible this Graveyard of ships. I agree with you about industrial ruin and waste places, and I would also like to paddle there. Over here most of it is already cleaned up and converted in neatly designed housing areas with a lot of green shores. That is also nice, but sites like that Graveyard would be interesting to visit. I first thought it would be in India or so!

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  3. I haven’t found anything like this in Tennessee, although I’d guess there’re some run-down waterside places of former industry near Knoxville, Clarksville, and Chattanooga. Possibly Nashville. I should go looking for them.

    When I was a small boy, and my father took me to places like Cabrillo Beach, in the salt marsh wetlands of the Port of Los Angeles, before the city dredged them and drained them and rebuilt them as posh marinas, commercial real estate, and a hotel, I remember seeing wooden boats half-buried in the sand, marine junk laying about. It was a great place then.

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