Tough Week

This is Caution-Lady’s first full week back at school. She’s got 20 kids in her class this year. Leaving Seventy-Six with sitters has been difficult for both of us.

Day before yesterday, I took him to his sitter’s house out in the country on my way to work. For the rest of the day, I thought about the way he looked at me as I left. Yesterday, the sitter came to our house, and the little guy reportedly screamed from the time my wife left the house until about 9:45, when she telephoned to my wife at school. Gas-drops solved his discomfort, as evidenced by two massive burps and a three-hour nap. Now my wife believes the sitter will no longer wish to keep our baby, and we’ll have to figure out some other arrangement. She was distraught last night, and said that while I was at a congregational business meeting, she phoned her sister-in-law, sobbing. By the time I returned home, the little guy was screaming again, but gas-drops then bottle seemed to relieve his distress.

Today, on my way to a rural county to the south, I’ll drop Seventy-Six off at my mom’s house.

It’s too late this school year to do anything about having Caution-Lady stay home with our son, but I’m thinking there may be some way to work it out for next year. Maybe pay off the house, save like mad people for the next year, and try to make it on my income. Dunno.

Little Nebuchadnezzar practices eating crinkly grass on his play-gym mat during some semi-fussy tummy time.  TZ quoted to me a source I don't recall who referred to infants as "Tyrants in Diapers."

Little Nebuchadnezzar practices eating crinkly grass on his baby gym mat during semi-fussy tummy time. My friend Doros refers to infants as "Tyrants in Diapers," quoting a source I cannot now recall.

Our new Sony digital video camera’s got a 60 gigabyte harddrive, but only snaps 1 mpx digital stills. Kind of lame, but Caution-Lady balked at the purchase of the $1200.00 model…