6 thoughts on “Folding Kayak Link for Josh Hammer

  1. I’ve got the sailing 2-seater vintage Hammer with this logo in several places.
    Where can I get patches and parts for it? In the USA?
    Needs refurbish on the inside and patches on the outside. Great with the Sail!
    Glad to hear from you with ideas!
    – vintage Norm

    • I’m guessing you’ll be hard-pressed to find original parts for the kayak, but I would check the forum at http://www.foldingkayaks.org . While I haven’t been around there much lately, I think the forum is very active and there’s a lot of good information available there. In the States, I think I would check first with Mark at http://www.longhaulfoldingkayaks.com . He used to be the Klepper authorized repair facility in the U.S. Maybe close to two years ago, now, I bought a keelstrip for my Pionier from him. Very knowledgeable guy and very helpful on the phone. I suggest you give him a call.

      When you mentioned patches, I at first thought (because it’s early and I’m not finished yet with my first cup of coffee) you meant patches with logos on them like that in the photograph.

  2. Norm & Christov,

    I just recently purchased a 1960’s 2 seat Hammer Folding Kayak. Have you found any further resources for the this kayak? I’ve done internet search after internet search and haven’t found much. My kayak is in pretty nice condition for it’s age, but I’d like to refurbish it . Any resources or leads would be very much appreciated.


    • Hello Gustav, Norm,

      Although Wayland Folding Kayaks in Poland does not specifically mention Hammer kayaks on their website, they may be able to perform needed repairs. http://www.wayland.com.pl/en/service/oldtimers-service.html .
      Pouch of Germany used to have an English language version of their page and I recall reading that they repaired some very old kayaks of different makes. I was unable to find the repaircenter information page this morning, but you may want to contact the company for more information. I’ve got two Pouch kayaks and can attest to the quality and good durability. http://www.poucher-boote.de/

  3. Hi I know that its been a long time since anyone posted on this but I just got a Hammer folding kayak with that same logo. It seems like this one might be super old and the skin needs to be either replaced or heavily repaired any advice on how to go about this? I am based in Portland.

  4. Hi Anonymous,
    It’s also been a long time since I’ve been much active in Folding Kayak circles, but please do ask at Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/groups/52250998315/ – Also, are in Oregon or Maine? If in Oregon, and you can journey up the coast a way, then it’s possible the folks at http://www.skinboats.org/ can help you sort out crafting your own hullskin. There’s a German fellow who maintains an interesting site at http://www.pluennenkreuzer.de/kreuzer.html , and it appears he has a Hammer single. Perhaps he can get you in touch with European fabricator of hullskins. Have you joined the forum at http://www.foldingkayaks.org? It’s been awhile since I’ve been active on that board, but it’s probably as active now as it ever was, and you may find some good advice there. Best of luck, these boats are beautiful.


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