Skeletal Adjustment & Shopping Saturday

Hoping my shoulder problem was not a rotator cuff injury of the sort for which surgery is the recommended treatment, I called a chiropractor in the town where I work to see about getting a skeletal adjustment. Multiple automobile wrecks when younger, sundry other injuries, gave me reason to think the chronic shoulder and other pain is related. Interconnectedness of bone and sinew, and so forth.

Last time I saw a chiropractor was in the mid-nineties, and the one-time adjustment helped a lot. Earlier, in the 1980s, I got relatively frequent adjustments from Frank N. Roje at San Pedro. Frank’s method did not involve racking and cracking, but the guy I saw yesterday did just that. Although still in some pain, it’s way less severe.

Home from work yesterday afternoon, I cleaned out the refrigerator. Man, what a lot of food we waste. Caution-Lady’s gorge rises in the presence of anything that’s been too long growing mold, so she tends to “not see” things in the fridge that need thrown out. I guess as long as she can handle changing the little monkey’s fecally diapers (because Daddy’s gorge sure enough do rise then), I can tolerate throwing out the stuff my wife’s scared of.

I’m not paddling today, but will spend time with Caution-Lady and Seventy-Six. We’ve got to buy a new television that will work with our new DVD player. I’ll probably have to go to at least one department store to shop with my wife for her sister-in-law’s latest baby’s Christmas gift outfit. I know already my eyes and mind will glaze over, and I’ll be looking for a place to take a nap. Kryptonite.