Rocket Science

My latest foray into science and engineering.  The design is simplicity itself.

My latest foray into science and engineering. The design is simplicity itself.

I made this while gossiping with a co-worker on a break from report-writing. At once, I recognized its utility as a means of space-travel. So what I mean by rocket is rocket-ship. You can probably make one of these yourself, if you are so inclined.

My dad used to know an artist-guy named Conner Everett, back in California. The guy lived in a studio somewhere in the Los Angeles area that was probably at one time a grocery store, and had an auto-and-commercial-junk yard out the back. Dad took me there once. I liked the place. The guy had photos of himself with bare, huge breasted women taken, it looked like, in TiaJuana. Anyway, he was clothed and wearing a sombrero in the pictures. Dad had one of the guy’s pencil drawings entitled The Remote Possibility of Flight, An American Girl in Flight up on one of the walls in his office.

Now you know.

Reading Seventy-Six to Sleep

While my wife bathed, I held little Seventy-Six and read to him from Thomas Nettles’ By His Grace and For His Glory, a book Amazon finds currently unavailable.  Although I’ve just started reading this history of the doctrines of grace in Baptist faith and life, I find its style what I expect from a clear-thinking man who has got his mind around what it is he wishes to say.  Seventy-Six listened for a long while as I read aloud, then began trying to turn a page after grasping it.  Because I hadn’t finished reading that page yet, I gave him his blanket instead, and he soon fell asleep.