Back from Chattanooga

This is where we stayed again, this year

This is where we stayed again, this year

Caution-Lady, Seventy-Six, and I returned home to our Loathsome Stepford home after a couple of days at Chattanooga. Chattanooga, with the exception of Savannah, Georgia, is my favorite Southern city. I spent most of my time there this week slaving for the people. We did have supper last night with friends, and the night before that overrate at The City Cafe, around the corner from the Read House.

3 thoughts on “Back from Chattanooga

  1. I’ve voted for Chattanooga. I haven’t actually visited any of these southern cities but I was once trapped on a train with two crazy dudes who seemed to think they were on a chu-chu bound for Chattanooga. I sometimes wake up now in the middle of the night shouting, “Let’s storm the dining car!”…

  2. I cheated, and voted first for Savannah, and then, to watch the poll work, voted for Chattanooga from another web-browser.

    Ah yes, that dining car – white linen table cloths, chromium-plated pots of steaming coffee, not a plastic fork anywhere aboard, and dunno what’s on the menu, because the entire train’s been locked up in the Coffehou, er, Roundhouse for the past year or so. MJE’s just mad we got his site red-flagged by Interpol, MI-6, CIA, FBI, Surete, etc.

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