We Voted “Nope!”

Nobama, Nope, Not My Vote

Nobama, Nope, Not My Vote

Here’s something I posted on a bulletin board somewhere near the political-religious center of United States cyber-space in a discussion thread about how we voted:

I voted early, and I voted Republican, but I only voted once. Silly me.

My family and I are better off than we were eight years ago, primarily because the government has not interfered much with our ability to work, invest, save, or spend according to whatever sense vouchsafed us by the Lord. Personally, I vehemently oppose authoritarian, arrogant rule of any sort, and have always worked to undermine same when able to do so. As a grown man, I wasn’t voting for a leader, but for someone who had a chance to come closest to representing my views and values in the executive branch.

So this morning, 5 November 2008, I ate my oatmeal, drank my coffee, and will go to work like I do every weekday morning. I do believe God is sovereign, and is neither Republican nor Democrat. Individuals and groups will continue to find ways to resist and oppose perceived evil.