Infant Vocabulary

An update here on some of the things Seventy-Six has been saying:

  • Neng-Neng – syllables discerned during fussing seem to refer to dissatisfaction about not getting fed quickly enough, or sense of outrage that the bottle is empty or the meal is finished
  • Ang – I’m really hungry now, I’m not kidding
  • Unh-Uh – used sometimes, maybe by accident, while fussing when voice-tone and body language likewise to mean, “No”
  • MuhMuhMuh – Mommy?
  • DehDehDeh – Daddy?
  • Bwah – Bottle?
  • Eeeachhh – Sheesh?
  • Buh-Bah – heard while trying to teach 76 to wave, maybe “Bye-Bye” or “Baby”

Some of his body language is more expressive than the things he says:

  • Leaning toward either of the parental units with arms extended means “Hug” or “Pick me up” – frequently both
  • While playing blocks or cars, leaning into and turning toward Daddy means “Time to roughhouse – tickle, wrestle, silly sounds
  • Staring at something and making short vowel sounds means “Gimme that” or “Take me to that”
  • Grabbing a burp cloth or blanket and pulling it over his face means “I need to sleep now”