Infant Vocabulary

An update here on some of the things Seventy-Six has been saying:

  • Neng-Neng – syllables discerned during fussing seem to refer to dissatisfaction about not getting fed quickly enough, or sense of outrage that the bottle is empty or the meal is finished
  • Ang – I’m really hungry now, I’m not kidding
  • Unh-Uh – used sometimes, maybe by accident, while fussing when voice-tone and body language likewise to mean, “No”
  • MuhMuhMuh – Mommy?
  • DehDehDeh – Daddy?
  • Bwah – Bottle?
  • Eeeachhh – Sheesh?
  • Buh-Bah – heard while trying to teach 76 to wave, maybe “Bye-Bye” or “Baby”

Some of his body language is more expressive than the things he says:

  • Leaning toward either of the parental units with arms extended means “Hug” or “Pick me up” – frequently both
  • While playing blocks or cars, leaning into and turning toward Daddy means “Time to roughhouse – tickle, wrestle, silly sounds
  • Staring at something and making short vowel sounds means “Gimme that” or “Take me to that”
  • Grabbing a burp cloth or blanket and pulling it over his face means “I need to sleep now”

3 thoughts on “Infant Vocabulary

  1. The real trick of growing into parenting is not subcoming to speaking the infant dialect– but encouraging said infant to learn the adult dialect.

  2. Eeeach! Of course we’re teaching the little guy how to apprehend and eventually communicate meaning in the language spoken by adults in the ambient society into which he was born. But as one of analytical, though not mathematically analytical, bent, it has been with some pleasure that I have applied my mind to the double-digit’s infant utterances. Yes, I know he is not a science-project, he is my son, and I love him. He likewise seems to enjoy applying his mind to understanding both his parents and the larger world around him. We are sharers in the joys of discovery.

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