Ceased, Desisted

I gave myself a cease and desist order in re: the matter of the whitewater cartoon panel. So, in the spirit of phoning one in, I present the following image from URL, more in keeping with the, er, spiritual bent of this blog (when it’s not vulgar or entirely devoted to my own amusements):

Smell like an old theologian

Smell like an old theologian

8 thoughts on “Ceased, Desisted

  1. Tulips don’t smell, and French grape are too katholic (or mundane) for a reformated odour. In the Netherlands Calvinism has a connotation with the smell of sprouts.

  2. The official name of the sprouts I mean is Brassica oleracea, but they are better known as Brussels sprouts.

  3. We eat those sometimes over here. They look like very small cabbages or tiny body-snatcher pods. But I don’t recall whether they had any particular smell.

  4. It appears that Brassica oleracea is much more than Brussels sprouts alone, the term also includes broccoli, cauliflower, collard greens and borecole.
    Uncooked the sprouts don’t smell much, but cooked they have their specific smell and taste, which in the Netherlands is proverbally disliked by kids, and in that sense it’s a tool in Calvinist upbringing, after all, we don’t live or eat for our enjoyment, but always in a certain responsebility, in this case to like the food we don’t like!

    • I was probably a Calvinist before I knew I was a Calvinist, having always to have a reason for being anywhere; doing or not doing anything – an existence always in need of justification; procrastinating in rebellion against some responsibility; theologically, at least in insufficient theory, incapable of meaningful choice, yet held accountable nonetheless. I would rather eat of the cabbage of the knowledge of good and collard greens as an aroma of proverb burnt in the pan of not enough water plagued by the dread of now how will I get the pan clean.

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