Power Mac G5 Organ Transplant

In a previous post I mentioned that Cathi Davis, customer service rep at Mac of All Trades, said she was going to send me another optical drive to replace the balky Pioneer device that shipped with the computer.

Remember, I never asked for a replacement, simply followed up a telephone call in which I discussed with her problems I’d been having with the drive’s apparent inability to burn or play through DVDs or CDs.  Followed up with an email telling her that the drive actually worked after I’d run a cheesy Maxell disc cleaner in the drive, and attached screen-shots of Toast 7 and Toast 8.

The replacement, a Sony DVD RW DW-Q28A, arrived in today’s mail.  I’d been planning to take a three or four mile walk, but was unable or unwilling to defer gratification.  I immediately set to work on replacing the Pioneer with the Sony.

Ms. Davis had already assured me that breaking the seal on the computer’s access panel to do the work would not void the remainder of my 30-day hardware warranty.

Feng shui clean Jacques Tati Playtime interior

Feng shui clean Jacques Tati Playtime interior - replacement drive on top of the box

Unlike the two older G4s I’ve had (GigaBit Ethernet dual 450 & Dual 1.0 Ghz Mirror Drive Door), the Power Mac G5 access panel is not hinged.  Pull the lever on the back of the box, and the panel is freed for removal.  The G5’s somewhat unprepossessing, jumbo-sized exterior (it dwarfs my MDD G4) belies the box’s feng shui clean interior.   All modular and easy.   Like something from a childhood field-trip to a modern milk processing plant, or possibly an office-building in Jacques Tati’s Playtime.

Industrial Art - Step by Step

Industrial Art - Step by Step

To my surprise, I found hieroglyphics on the inside of the access panel once I’d taken it off the computer and set it on the floor.  Nice industrial artwork.

Not much space to work in there

Not much space to work in there

As I’d been warned to expect, there wasn’t much space to work back of the Pioneer drive.  Used an antique pair of barber scissors (closed, of course) to pry the data cable’s far edge loose – beyond my longest finger’s reach.  That loose, it was a simple matter to open the release catches, slide the drive out toward me, and remove the power cable.

The data cable’d been stuck to the top of the Pioneer drive, and pulled loose from its attachment point on the motherboard, if that’s what they’re still called, during the removal process.

The Pioneer had been jumpered Cable Select, and that’s how the Sony shipped.

Sony and Pioneer optical drives, side by side - note data cable stuck to the Pioneer

Sony and Pioneer optical drives, side by side - note data cable stuck to the Pioneer

Because the Sony is shorter than the Pioneer, it was easy to get it installed and hooked up.  Sticking the data cable to the top of the Sony mis-matched the cable’s crease and the drive’s edge, again because of the Sony’s different dimensions.  Attaching the cable to the motherboard was not a problem, as I’d attached it first to the drive, and had already pushed it through it’s slot into position.

Put the clear plastic cover in place, then the access panel, hooked up peripherals, plugged it in, and fired the computer up.  No problems.  The machine and OS (10.4.11) recognized the Sony.  I’ll try it out burning a video DVD in a few days.

Restaurant Dining & Housework

Today is a big day as someone with a strong interest in buying our house is scheduled to view it at about 11 of the clock, Stepford time. Of course, instead of spending the evening cleaning so that we could goof-off this morning, we went out and had supper at The Flatiron Cafe.

Practice Day

After many months of planning and preparation, Key and Cindy Adcock served breakfast, lunch, and dinner from 6:00 am until closing. Key looked exhausted when we saw him, maybe around 5:15 or 5:30 pm. Said he’d been 10 minutes late his first day on the job. He said Cindy had arrived on time. Key said they didn’t have quite as big a breakfast crowd as they expected, but were very busy during lunch, from about 11:00 to 2:00. Cindy, when we saw her, said she was tired, too, but didn’t look it.

Caution-Lady and I didn’t expect to get in, thinking the cafe would be packed to capacity, but at the time we arrived, we had our choice of seating. The place did fill up pretty quickly thereafter. We fed on fried green tomatoes, Philly cheesesteak steamer sandwich, onion rings, fried catfish and hushpuppies.

Seventy-Six ate a baby food concoction of green beans and rice washed down with a few ounces of milky-milk. He did well, and didn’t squall until it was time to leave. Then he voiced his discontent the entire drive home, which normally lulls him to sleep.

I must get busy now. Sweep the floors, scrub things, and tidy up.