A storm came through here about 40 minutes ago. We all sat in the hallway and listened to the sirens wail, tried to hear the weather radio in the other room. My wife is more concerned about this sort of thing than I am, but now that we have a small son, I am willing to exercise some caution.

The photo above was taken just before the storm hit. A little while later hail fell, larger than mothballs, smaller than ping-pong balls.  Below is a screenshot of the weather radar taken just a few minutes ago.


Physical Therapy

Yesterday afternoon I started a physical therapy program after a range of motion evaluation  – cervical spine, shoulder and arm strength, etc.  Painful and uncomfortable massage.  Patient education about posture – that was the most difficult – understanding that my habitual sitting posture has over the years resulted in chronic pain that thinks Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen are candy.  Spastic trapezius.

Today I’ve been practicing the exercises the therapist prescribed.

I’ve procrastinated some, but also got some paperwork completed that has been left too long undone.

The physical therapist told me not to kayak for a “short time.”  Maybe some time this month I’ll get on the water.