A storm came through here about 40 minutes ago. We all sat in the hallway and listened to the sirens wail, tried to hear the weather radio in the other room. My wife is more concerned about this sort of thing than I am, but now that we have a small son, I am willing to exercise some caution.

The photo above was taken just before the storm hit. A little while later hail fell, larger than mothballs, smaller than ping-pong balls.  Below is a screenshot of the weather radar taken just a few minutes ago.


2 thoughts on “Storm

  1. I read about some of the devastation and tragic loss of life in Tennessee on news this morning. I pray you and your family have weathered the storm and are safe. Blessings to you this day.

    • Hi Laurie,

      We’re doing fine.

      The storm hit hard about 40 miles from us, in Murfreesboro. Think tornado(oes) were also spotted in the area in a neighboring county where my mom grew up. Haven’t heard they had any damage, however. We spent yesterday near Cleveland and Collegedale, Tennessee, and heard trees were torn up down there. At an Easter pageant, we met a woman who lives at Rome, Georgia, who told us baseball-sized hail shattered the windshield on her husband’s car, and dented it pretty badly in a couple of places. As far as I know, a tornado has never touched down here at Stepford.

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