Stepford TEA Party

A short, peering guy in camo jacket turned and looked right at me, then brought his camera up and pointed.  I shot back.

A short, peering guy in camo jacket turned and looked right at me, then brought his camera up and pointed. I shot back.

My scheduled events yesterday afternoon did not fall out as planned. I’d intended to show up at the South Stepford Civic Center for the TEA Party tax protest after work and then head home to supper with the family. But a realtor’s office phoned me in the morning requesting permission to show the house between 5:30 and 6:30 in the evening. My amazing wife volunteered to rush home after work and tidy the place, then we agreed to meet at a restaurant in town about 5:30. So I only got to observe about 15 – 20 minutes of the political event.

The crowd was made up primarily of normal looking people dressed appropriately for the cooler than average weather and the come-as-you-are nature of the event.




10 thoughts on “Stepford TEA Party

  1. The cretins at the Stepford News and Guardian, long a sadly biased, typographically and factually error ridden Democrat party organ, not surprisingly failed to cover this event. At least that rag’s website is without reference to it.

  2. Still, this camo guy, don’t you think he’s an FBI agent, who has you on file now, as subversive to socialism?!

    • He might be stringer working for the FBI or the local Communist, er, Democrat party group, but I doubt he’s an FBI agent. Did you see the pot-belly on that guy? None of the FBI guys I’ve ever met are that fat.

      Here’s what I think really happened. I showed up late to the event, because like most conservatives, I work. I stood, therefore, toward the back of the crowd. I held my small Pentax Klondike-Bar-Looking camera, and used it to snap about a dozen photos of the crowd. Because I’m a man who has no Irish-Setter DNA, I tend rarely to experience enthusiasm – an observer would have noticed me, if I were noticed at all, standing calmly, watching, listening, snapping picture, not once clapping (because I held a camera in one hand and could not clap; because I evaluated the content of the podium speeches with my mind rather than responding emotionally). My best guess is that camo-guy mistakenly identified me as a government-type watcher. I’m relatively thin, on a good day fit-looking, have short hair, remember to match my belt to my shoes, etc. So camo-guy wanted my picture for his rogues gallery of communist agents provacateurs.

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