12 thoughts on “It’s Like Deja-Vu All Over Again

  1. So if anyone is patriotic and loves America, he doesn’t need democracy, he just supports the president.
    Must have been a strange feeling to convert from Bush supporter to Obama supporter overnight.

      • On the other hand, the commenter, as an Obamanist, may be mocking the many statements made by Republicans during the two GWB II administrations. I feel that is the more likely explanation for the absurdist remark.

  2. Not mocking, just turning the tables. It’s rather humurous that one is anti-American if one doesn’t support a conervative president, but not vice-versa. It is my view that it is ones duty as an American to always question elected officials, regardless of their party affiliation.

    Obamanist? Interesting term. I’d rather describe myself as an anti-fascist.

  3. Now what is it? Supporting or questioning? I don’t see your humour, just your confusion. Nobody ever needs to support anything or anyone he doesn’t agree with. You don’t even have to respect it, when you feel no respect, you cannot give it, you may have to accept the situation, but support can never be obligatory.
    In East-Germany anti-fascism was mandatory, but wanting to leave the country was a crime!

    • For me, I always have questioned the integrity and purpose of every official elected or appointed. I think that should be the norm. Furthermore, I absolutely reserve the right to mock and criticize those I think ought to be mocked, excoriated, defenestrated. For instance, I have no respect for, and in fact despise, the current president and his administration. Had some real issues with the last guy, too, but mostly for the way he rolled over for the Red Chinese after they forced one of our spy planes to land and imprisoned the crew, as well as the way he rolled over for the Democrat presidential candidate last year. At least Cheney’s leveling criticism at the Obama admin. I don’t think I’m confused. I understand what critical commenter had to say, and expressed agreement with one of his statements – the one with which I actually do agree.

  4. No Chris, I don’t think you are confused, and I very much agree with you. My remark was ment for Sethb78, because I felt there was no consistency in his comments. Now that I have reread it, I see there may be irony in his first statement, in that case, my comment may be a bit overreacted.
    Anyway, I’m an anti-monarchist living in a country where there is not even a Republican party. Sometimes I will wear Orange to support the National Soccerteam, but not for the queen.

  5. Hmmm, sounds like you touched a nerve. I’m of more mixed emotions than you appear to be about the current administration, for which I did not vote, mainly for sanctity of life issues. I’m not as right-leaning politically as most Christians I encounter, but I thought your comic was hilarious just the same.

  6. I cadged that cartoon from MJE’s Facebook page link. It was so good, I thought I’d post it out here, too. I’m not sure whose Flickr account it’s from. Pity I can’t take credit for the find.

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