5 thoughts on “Congressman Ron Paul on The New Flu Scare

  1. Thank you so much for this. I really needed a good laugh this morning. Republicans are blocking Sibelius from heading HHS, so Homeland Security has to take the lead on this. Then, republicans are upset that Homeland Security has to take the lead on this!
    Nobody’s panicking. This story is a non-story. Ron Paul is such a moronic idiot.

    • You sound a little het-up there, Laura. “Take the lead on this” sounds so dramatic, so ER. Actually, the liberal media seems intent upon creating a national crisis mentality and then handing it gift-wrapped to their beloved Obotomites in the White House. How has bigger government ever helped you, personally?

  2. No, no, I’m an independent. I completely agree with you that the media has blown this way overboard. But, to what end? Other than for ratings, I don’t see a win for anyone.
    We could get into a great discussion, but I’d be a little weary. Your question, How has bigger government ever helped you, personally? Is kind of a non-starter. I’d have to reply, Bigger than what? Eisenhower broke the bank so we could have interstate highways. Was that a good thing or a bad thing? The whole argument is kind of nebulous, isn’t it?

    • Weary, wary or both?

      Proponents of bigger government likely wish to exploit a potential health crisis, or fear of same, as a talking point for socialized health care.

      More focused than not the argument that political appointees actively seek means to implement function-creep for their respective departments.

      If you’re a believer in global warming, you probably see interstate highways as a bad thing. Good or bad, they’re a done deal.

      But your answer was really a non-answer.

      On the other hand, here in the present it makes sense to oppose government power-grabs, bailouts, so-called ‘stimulus’ deficit spending.

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