Facebook Charity Challenge

Challenged by a friend on Facebook to have yogurt and green tea for breakfast this morning posting a photo of same in exchange for his donation of $10.00 to the non-political charity of my choice, I skipped my usual ration of oatmeal made with brown sugar, dried fruit, and boiling water, and strong black coffee. Not very filling, but it was for a good cause.

Facebook Breakfast Challenge 4/29/09

Facebook Breakfast Challenge 4/30/09

3 thoughts on “Facebook Charity Challenge

  1. It was pretty scary. But I’d had about 15 years experience eating yogurt every morning for breakfast until I had the oatmeal revelation, so I was able to manage that part without too much trouble. Although I like tea (and eggs, even though, if you think about what they are, they’re disgusting), a decaffeinated breakfast bev was a big risk, both physically and emotionally. However, because of my personal athleticism and competitive spirit I took that risk striving for a personal best in that event.

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