One of maybe a dozen mock-orange blossoms still on the bush.  Snapped this morning while I was doing yard work.

One of maybe a dozen mock-orange blossoms still on the bush. Snapped this morning while I was doing yard work.

Although it’s not really where they come from (I’m cognizant of and almost mentioned here a facetious argument to the contrary) small children spend a lot of time on the floor. It’s their habitat. I was thinking about that the other day while we were cleaning our house

Today, we’re cleaning the again because our realtor has scheduled an Open House from 1:00 to 3:00. We’ll be skipping church this morning to get the ox out of the ditch. Every ox has it’s own ditch, it seems.

If you’re contemplating a move to Tennessee, we’ll make you a deal on a modest but charming 1957 brick ranch-style house with mature cherry, pear, and apple trees, as well as some grape vines. If you can guess the facetious argument to which I referred supra, I’ll knock a thousand dollars off the asking price if you’re a serious buyer making a serious offer.openHouse

5 thoughts on “Floor

    • You mean like climbing the evolutionary ladder rung from rung, dust-bunny to rug-rat? Nope, not even close. Wish you guys could buy the house. We arrived back just as our realtor was pulling away. She was very sad, and informed us that not one person had stopped by to see the house. We were disappointed, but at least came home to a very clean and tidy house.

      • That makes me horribly sad – the throwing a party and no one showing up kind of sad. Poor realtor…poor you. At least you have the comfort of knowing our sovereign and good God, not sure the realtor does.

  1. Our realtor’s a Christian woman, but she was a little discouraged. I spoke with her yesterday to see how she was doing, and she told me she’d spoken to a couple of others in her office who’d run open houses Sunday – one had only two people show up, and the other had only several nosey neighbors come in and look around.

    God willing, we’ll be okay – we’re selling because we want to buy in another neighborhood and have been saving for years to do so. Our realtor has to list and sell houses to make her living – I think she’s got enough revenue coming in from rentals to weather this real estate market. I felt sad for her, too.

  2. Okay, since I only had one guess and we’ve already got a contract on the house, I rescind my offer.

    Here’s a hint for anyone who’s still wondering about the riddle of the floor: Conception.

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