Long Weekend

I spent most of the weekend with the Cautious One and Seventy-Six. He’s doing really well after his surgery – learning to belch and blow spit-bubbles, making more and more sounds that approximate adult speech. He’s the hungriest little kid I’ve ever met – hope he isn’t seven feet tall by the time he quits growing.

Let’s see; I got the yard work done and one of the cars washed. I researched and started one writing project, but have yet to begin the one I’ve got to get done by next week. My shoulder was better, but my back still needs work. Went for long walks Saturday and Monday.  Friday, I tried out a religious discipline without feeling any obligation to do so, sort of exercising my freedom in Christ to do something as opposed that same freedom to eschew religious “obligation.”  Turned out to have been instructive and profitable, and I may see about practicing same again some time.

Still got to get those rain gutters cleaned and window frames caulked.

On Memorial Day, as I do a lot of days, I wondered whether the men and women who gave their lives in the armed forces of the United States of America in many wars and actions did so with the intent to establish a socialist dictatorship of sorts on American soil.  My best guess is that they did not.  I hope those now serving in the United States military are loyal to the Constitution of the United States they have sworn to defend.

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