A New Boat, Painting and Moving

Last week I bought a new old boat, a Pionier 450 S, the kayak pictured below. The images were taken from the Folding Kayaks forum classified to which I responded.  I am thrilled to have made the purchase at a bargain price and look forward to the day when I can paddle it in green Tennessee lakewater.

Pionier 450 S

Pionier 450 S

Pionier 450 S cockpit

Pionier 450 S cockpit

Last weekend, my friend Eric and I painted some closets in the house my wife and I are buying, removed nails and stuff from the walls, patched cracks and holes, then visited for awhile. Eric was last out here June 2008 for Seventy-Six’s dedication at the church that meets in the Flatiron Cafe. Even though we talk on the phone from time to time, it was good to see him again.

Last Thursday, Caution-Lady’s parents arrived, and Friday through this evening we have all done some marathon painting, trying to get it done before the carpet crew is scheduled 7:30 tomorrow morning. We got the living room, dining room, entry and hallway, guest bedroom, Seventy-Six bedroom primed. Finish coated dining and living rooms, as well as master bedroom. Turns out living room and master bedroom will require second coats. The finish coat in Seventy-Six’s room has been cut-in. What all this means is that tomorrow night and Tuesday, we’ll have to be careful and use drop cloths. Kind of a hassle, but it should be okay.

Moving van is scheduled for Wednesday, and Caution-Lady is having some panic about getting everything packed by then. She’s back at school; in-service days and tomorrow night has parent orientation. Also Wednesday, my mom’s having surgery to correct, repair, or somehow shore-up an aortic aneurysm. I’ll be spending Wednesday at the hospital with her, along with my younger brother. I’m trying to get caught up at the office before I go out for shoulder surgery in August.

At supper tonight, my toddler boy kept pointing to my arm. “What’s that? What’s that? What’s that?” he kept saying in his childish tongue.

“It’s paint,” I said when I understood his meaning.

I’m going to shower now and remove the paint and sweat, then conk out.

A Logic Game of Sequence

Thanks to Rods for instigating and Laurimo for inadvertently contributing the link that appears to finish the sequence…

Roller Skates:

Roller Skates no Heaven:

No Heaven for Some Reason:

Banished from Heaven Moustache Guy Plays Uke Roller Skates

Oh yeah,



Work Weekend

My friend, Eric, is out from North Carolina. We’re hoping to get some painting and other work done at the new house today and Sunday.

  • Priming closets
  • Removing objectionable wall-paper borders
  • Removing picture nails and patching the holes
  • Maybe getting the living and dining rooms primed
  • Cleaning woodwork that doesn’t have to be painted right away (previous owner smoked, and the paint’s yellowed)

While we’re working, we will also discuss solutions to the country’s political, economic, and moral problems.

Marriage Anniversary Amnesia Poll

A friend and I have exchanged emails about the supposed tendency of men to forget to acknowledge in word and by gift the anniversary of their marriages. This “tendency” has been enshrined in stereotype in comedic media probably since Roman times. My friend conducted a poll sampling a few of her workplace friends, and found that only one of her friends had any concern about this possibly happening, and managed her concern by speaking repeatedly to her husband daily about the event for approximately one week beforehand.

I wish to conduct a larger poll, sampling readers of this blog.

Online: Complete Folding Kayaker, Second Edition

Ralph Diaz' Complete Folding Kayaker, Second Edition, is available online.  Take a look.

Update:  The link’s broken – Apparently the publisher, McGraw-Hill, has pulled its E-Library or whatever it was they’d billed it as.  Bummer.  Here’s the former link:  http://site.ebrary.com/pub/mcgraw-hill/docDetail.action?docID=10046363

Ralph Diaz’ Complete Folding Kayaker, Second Edition, is available online. Take a look, the photo is the link. This book has become difficult to find in print, but happily, appears available for online reading.

Surgery & Other News

After several months, it has become clear that I’ll need shoulder surgery to remove bone spurs from my painful shoulder’s acromium. The specialist said at the same time he will “clean up” the partial tear in the supraspinatus – which means he’ll trim the bit of muscle that’s peeled back like a hang-nail in hopes that will allow it to heal properly. Said also that if too much of the muscle appears to have pulled away from the bone, he’ll fix it with a titanium screw. He said he normally uses the titanium, as opposed to the bio-absorbable variety, screw.

The specialist’s clinic is large, successful, and staffed with a number of nurses and other techs. I observed a large number of slender attractive blonde women in their 50s wearing scrubs walking about. A number of the younger female techs were also slender, blonde, and pretty. I deduced that at least one of the partners in that practice has an aesthetic preference for slender, pretty blonde women, and has been involved in their hiring for probably the past 25 years. The apparently habitually cast facial expressions of the older women varied, and I guessed that had to with both the experienced quality of the present day, and also with their experienced long-term outcome in the work environment.

Traditional Stepford brick ranch-style house

Traditional Stepford brick ranch-style house

On the way home yesterday, our realtor phoned. I found a place to pull over and called her back. She’d presented the offer on that traditional ranch-style house in a neighborhood near the country club. It’s been on the market for some 515 days and vacant, I’d guess, for more than two years. The seller’s counter-offer was 19 thousand less than their already drastically reduced asking price. We countered with an offer that was three thousand dollars less than that, and the sellers accepted. If things actually work out and we move in there, it will be God’s little joke on those who have dedicated their lives to the Stepford social status rat-race. Come to think of it, that rat-race may already be God’s joke on those people.

No matter, the house is bigger than our current residence, has an attached two-car garage, a sun-room, three and a half bathrooms, attic storage, large sunny rooms, a fireplace, better than adequate interior closet storage, big kitchen, and so forth. I should be able to arrange installation of a garage ceiling storage/pulley “system” for a kayak.

Because I already knew we’d be vacating our current house, the one we’ve sold, by month’s end, I scheduled my surgery for the middle of next month. Should give us time to get painting, carpeting done and get moved in.

White River from Daleville to Edgewater Park

On Tuesday I floated the White River from Daleville to Edgewater Park, near Anderson, Indiana, seven bridges downstream from the put in at Canoe Country, pretty much the only outfitter in this part of the world.  I rented a sit on top fishing kayak with slightly negative rocker.  It did fine, I just didn’t really feel like I was in a kayak.  As usual with the gallery software feature here on WordPress, the photos will appear in some order determined by I know not what.  Some interesting graffiti under bridge number five, if I recall correctly.  I took more pictures, but got tired of monkeying with them in pshop to reduce file size for posting here. 

To Urbana & Back, Monday 29 June

On Monday, I drove to Urbana with my father-in-law to pick up my sister-in-law and two of my brother-in-law’s kids.  Urbana’s a picturesque place, and snapped pictures from the front passenger window.  The main street running through the town is called Miami, and the road crosses The Great Miami River.  On the way there, we passed a farm that my father-in-law said he’s always wanted, imagining that it stretches out for uninterrupted miles behind the hill in the background.  He said he thinks the reality must be different from what he imagines, but likes the thought of it, anyway.  On the way back, I saw a Cold-War era siren atop a volunteer fire department hall.  Mansard roof on the square at Urbana.  The city’s name inscribed across a railroad bridge as you drive in to town.  Some other stuff.