A Logic Game of Sequence

Thanks to Rods for instigating and Laurimo for inadvertently contributing the link that appears to finish the sequence…

Roller Skates:

Roller Skates no Heaven:

No Heaven for Some Reason:

Banished from Heaven Moustache Guy Plays Uke Roller Skates

Oh yeah,



3 thoughts on “A Logic Game of Sequence

  1. Ukuleles! Love ’em. There was a link I followed when watching this video, it said: Jack gets dragged behind a hot rod on rollerskates…

    This is not me.
    P.S. I think…

  2. How could we have missed, Jack? I think we’d have welcomed him with open arms. Wherever he is, I hope he’s having a fun ride. From his bio, I’d bet he is.

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