A New Boat, Painting and Moving

Last week I bought a new old boat, a Pionier 450 S, the kayak pictured below. The images were taken from the Folding Kayaks forum classified to which I responded.  I am thrilled to have made the purchase at a bargain price and look forward to the day when I can paddle it in green Tennessee lakewater.

Pionier 450 S

Pionier 450 S

Pionier 450 S cockpit

Pionier 450 S cockpit

Last weekend, my friend Eric and I painted some closets in the house my wife and I are buying, removed nails and stuff from the walls, patched cracks and holes, then visited for awhile. Eric was last out here June 2008 for Seventy-Six’s dedication at the church that meets in the Flatiron Cafe. Even though we talk on the phone from time to time, it was good to see him again.

Last Thursday, Caution-Lady’s parents arrived, and Friday through this evening we have all done some marathon painting, trying to get it done before the carpet crew is scheduled 7:30 tomorrow morning. We got the living room, dining room, entry and hallway, guest bedroom, Seventy-Six bedroom primed. Finish coated dining and living rooms, as well as master bedroom. Turns out living room and master bedroom will require second coats. The finish coat in Seventy-Six’s room has been cut-in. What all this means is that tomorrow night and Tuesday, we’ll have to be careful and use drop cloths. Kind of a hassle, but it should be okay.

Moving van is scheduled for Wednesday, and Caution-Lady is having some panic about getting everything packed by then. She’s back at school; in-service days and tomorrow night has parent orientation. Also Wednesday, my mom’s having surgery to correct, repair, or somehow shore-up an aortic aneurysm. I’ll be spending Wednesday at the hospital with her, along with my younger brother. I’m trying to get caught up at the office before I go out for shoulder surgery in August.

At supper tonight, my toddler boy kept pointing to my arm. “What’s that? What’s that? What’s that?” he kept saying in his childish tongue.

“It’s paint,” I said when I understood his meaning.

I’m going to shower now and remove the paint and sweat, then conk out.

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