Day After

Been sleeping a lot, not eating too much, and probably need to drink more fluids.  Oatmeal and coffee this morning did not ‘set well with me.’  Didn’t barf it, though.  I’m probably too dizzy to be up at the computer now.

5 thoughts on “Day After

  1. Chris,

    It is good to know, at least, that you are crawling about in your world. Is it awful? Can you yet tell you got what you had the surgery for?

    RE: Christian Rogues. It seems to me that everything has a gracious use (one of the side-effects of the Cross, if not of the entire Incarnation) including rebellion. In an unfallen world there is no use for rebellion. In a redeemed world rebellion is turned back against the Rebel and toward God. Neat trick from one who turned death into the way to life. Maybe that is what we see as so attractive in merry scoundrels, a resemblance to The Humor of Christ (do you know that splendid little book by Elton Trueblood?) that pleased himself to save me.

    By the way, I am more comfortable with e-mail than with blogs. I am not quite clear what it is that bothers me.

    • Christian Rogues is a group who first “met” online at a forum hosted by author Dave Murrow to discuss issues raised by his thought-provoking book, Why Men Hate Going to Church. Murrow correctly identified some problems a number of us have had for a long time with what passes for congregational life and worship. Murrow hosted several iterations of his forum, all of which became targets for trolls and spamsters. The Rogues group broke away when Murrow decided to quit hosting any forum on his site. Another group of guys quickly got a second site online that was way more, shall we say, officious, and Murrow acknowledged that forum with a link from his site.

  2. I’ve got that book by Trueblood sitting on a shelf not 6 feet from me. Funny to hear it mentioned. I haven’t read it though. It’s part of our collection of Quaker writings. (Paul was raised a Quaker.) Perhaps I’ll give it a once over.

      • My wedding party stayed at a hotel in Richmond, Indiana, right before the blizzard that ruined our wedding plans. Caution-Lady and I had to spend our wedding night at that same hotel because the blizzard made the roads impassible between the town in which we were married and our romantic getaway cottage.

        I visited the moderator of the official CFM boards in Richmond, where he pastors an A/G congregation.

        My wife’s maternal grandparents were raised Quakers.

        Now I’ll have to read that guy’s book.

        The funniest story Jesus ever told was the one about the dinner guests’ excuses.

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