Mean Things About Bad People

Christov10 says mean things about bad people (even if they’re dead) on Facebook.

It’s true. Yes, the mean things I say are true, but this sentence refs that line, supra, in bold italics. It’s true. I’ve been “unfriended” for it a couple of times already. Sometimes I wonder whether I’ve gone too far, but then I reflectively ask myself the question, “So what?” Evidently one or two thought my remarks about the late Ted Kennedy were so over-the-line that, well that I had to be “unfriended” or chided for a lack of “class.”

My observations of the posts written by some of the most emotionally left-wing people I know indicate they define good form or that hard-for-Americans-to-define quality, “classy,” as someone willing to concede to a liberal without a fight. You know, like John McCain. Brilliant, clear-thinking people like Alan Keyes and Pat Buchanan are otherwise liberally defined. Sadly, they also seem nationally defined as “unelectable.”

Last night, some representative from, I think it was, South Carolina, stood up during Obama’s tedious speech to Congress and shouted out, “You Lie!” I know at least one independent, generally conservative thinker who stated that man was an ass for having done so. Another commenter described the representative as “ignorant.” Ass maybe, but ignorant, no. Reelectable? Probably. Classy? Who cares.

In simplest terms, it’s okay to say mean things about bad people when those mean things are true. Political speech enjoys constitutional protection, even if it is deemed offensive by the majority. This republic does not always benefit from a civil discourse.