3 thoughts on “Pionier 450 S Assembly Instructions

  1. Dear Christov, thank you so much for posting the original instruction sheet!!! I am just about to buy a Wa 450 here in Germany and I am very happy to have run across your blog. Thank you for the valuable informmation.
    Happy days on the water,

    • Hi Andreas,

      I am happy to know that the instruction sheets have been helpful to you. My 450 S quickly became my favorite boat (even though it’s about due for a new hullskin – I am thinking about getting one from Wayland in Poland). I need to paddle it soon. May the waters of life uplift you.


  2. Hey Chris:
    Being the guy who bought the last U.S. assets of the Pionier Pack Boat Company I find your photos very interesting. Alerted to a Bucks County, PA estate auction by a friend some thirty years ago, I bought all they had for $160. An autographed photo of Adolph Hitler, also part of the estate, went for much much more. The reason I got that lot so cheap, probably had to do with my extensive knowledge of Kleppers, and Folboats. The parts were scattered throughout a large barn, and a house, and I was the only one who knew what they were. My lot included enough parts to assemble a half dozen boats, including at least one sailing canoe, and a 12′ open sailboat. The box of sales brochures I got, I sold to a rare book dealer in Hyannis, MA. One or two of the boats were donated to the Philadelphia Maritime Museum. The rest were sold (I think through a WOODENBOAT magazine advert) to a guy somewhere on the Hudson River in New York. I may still have one of the sales brochures. I know I still have the roadside sign. It is radium coated and still glows in the dark. The skins were all in pretty bad shape, so I never got one in the water, though the workmanship on all the other parts was superlative. Reading your accounts it looks like I missed out on some fun. Thanks for the writeup. Best Regards
    John Smith
    Sheldon, SC

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