Some Pionier 450 S Frame Photos

I’ve already posted most of these in a Facebook Album, and may also put them in an album at Folding Kayaks website.

As you look at some of these photos, you’ll see what appears to be a powdery residue on the keel. Either the hullskin is turning to powder, or talcum powder was used when the boat was last assembled in order make eventual disassembly easier.

My blog stats show that two people have already downloaded the assembly instructions for this boat – happy to know there are some others interested in assembling a Pionier 450 S.

5 thoughts on “Some Pionier 450 S Frame Photos

  1. Christov,
    In the event that you would ever be willing to let your Pionier go I would like to introduce myself. My name is Brian and I own a c. 1960’s Pionier 520-Z that I have paddled since about 1985 after it was given to my family by a good friend. The reliable old boat finally fell victim to many years of use and I had to put it up permanently around 1999. I really never thought that I would get the boat back on the water. But recently I sourced a new skin and spray deck (I never had an original spray deck) from Wayland, replaced and restored various frame members that had failed and my work is nearly complete. The boat is currently back on the water for gentle use as I have some details to complete. I am on and have read your story about how you came to own the 450-S. What a find! The condition of your boat is amazing in my opinion as I personally know what a similar boat can look like after forty years of use in South Carolina. Let my boat be stand as an example to how well built the Pionier kayaks are, you have a fine boat. Anyway, as a result of the research that I have done trying to find information about old folders I have gotten the bug to collect and I’m eyeballing your boat. I say that with a smile. Would love to share stories some time.

    Brian Rider
    Asheville NC

    • Brian,
      I also adopted Pionier 520-Z folding kayak recently. It’s been in the canvas bags for many years and the previous owner included handwritten instructions on the assembly. I started putting it together yesterday until darkness set in…I believe the skin has shrunk and locking the two halves together seems impossible.
      I would like to talk to you regarding this kayak. It’s kind of mystery to me and all the parts seem to be there. The parts were still covered with a talc powder…it was well stored. Any info is greatly appreciated.
      I believe I found you on Facebook and will send you a message request.

      Thanks for your time.
      Mark Lutz
      Pittsburgh, PA

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