A Striking Image


Anybody else notice the striking resemblance last week between Kathleen Sebelius and Rotwang's evil counterfeit - the Machine Man from Metropolis?

Probably the most striking image I saw in the news last week was of Kathleen Sebelius manifesting a left-eye problem. If you haven’t seen Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, you should watch the 1927 silent film masterpiece, and then reflect upon the images above. Yoshiwara, anyone?

3 thoughts on “A Striking Image

    • I started to watch that online, but I didn’t want to see all of it. Investigating child abuse and neglect renders viewing of such noir classics less interesting or pleasant, overall. Have you seen Spion? I liked that one, as well as the much grittier Die Nibelungen (sp?). Actually loaned that two-DVD 1924 silent to a friend who moved away without ever returning it. Aargh.

  1. For whatever reason in a quirky day dream I had yesterday, I was musing what sort of havoc could be created by an evil villian, who for whatever reason upon seeing Metropolis, becomes enamered and decides the actress playing good “Maria” was actual critical to the developement of our society in the 20th century. This leads this villian to kidnap the actress post production, clone her, programme her evil personality and place millions of copies of her in key locations worldwide. Of course somewhere along the line somebody has to wonder why we have millions of evil Marias… and the real Maria has to suddenly be claiming she was abducted by an evil scientist and copied… She of course is discounted and believed to have confused reality with fiction.

    Essentially what was meant to be a harmless fiction suddenly turns into a shadowy reality of itself.

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