Library Talkers

C-10 wishing the loud-talkers would shut they mouths

It was noisy in the public library last night

Needing a quiet place to read and take some notes, I spent a couple of hours last night at the local public library.  Volunteer tax preparers were noisy in a back room, but not quite disturbingly so;  however, one of them talked in normal conversational tones on a cellular telephone whilst walking about the library.  An older woman seated nearby my table answered a loud cellular telephone ringing in her purse and talked loudly about how she was in the library waiting for little Billy-Bob’s ball-game to end.  Some people have no more sense than owl-droppings or courtesy than the average marmoset.

2 thoughts on “Library Talkers

  1. Gees, You’d think cell phones would be banned from Public Libraries. Some people really don’t have a clue, do they? If I got caught talking on a cell phone in a library and somebody shushed me, I’d die of embarressment.

  2. Yep. I’d be ashamed if my cell-phone rang in a library – embarrassed to’ve not had the sense to turn the ringer off or to vibrate. But because everybody’s special and nothing is wrong these sorts of annoyances have become the norm in US society. Ugh.

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