A Car for the Cautious One

2004XC702004 Volvo XC70 – Photo by seller, JRL

Last week I talked about test-driving a 2001 Volvo XC70 and liking pretty much everything about it.  After more searching, I found a 2004 Cross Country advertised for sale, but immediately dismissed because of its price.  My almost obsessive research convinced me that the 2004 would better meet our family-car needs.  We’re not crazy about the color, but hey, it could be worse, right?  It could be “Blackberry” which used to be Volvo code for “Purple.”  I much prefer silver or gold – probably because there is an Old Testament verse wherein God says, “The silver and gold are Mine,” whereas scarlet is the color used to describe sin.

I’m feeling a little sick about spending so much money for a motor vehicle of any sort.

Yesterday afternoon, Seventy-Six and I washed Thursday, the 1997 standard transmission 850 that my mechanic’s garage rebuilt for me from a wreck in the body-shop yard.  What I mean to say is that I washed the car while my two year old son dumped water from his bucket on to the driveway and tried to replenish it, one spongeful of soapy water from my bucket at a time.  He was much more helpful when it was time to clean the wheels because he found the wheel-brushes novel.  The washing down the car with his yellow sponge is already not interesting enough.

After car-washing, Seventy-Six got to play in his inflatable pool and we kicked the orange ball around the yard for a long time.  In the evening the little guy spent his energies testing the limits of parental authority.  I hope he was comforted by the fact that when he sought boundaries he found them.

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