Underground Paddling

Route Paddled Partially Underground

I paddled in to a concrete tunnel out of frame left of those trees by the arrow, and proceeded to a point near the arrow at right. Not sure I made it quite that far, because I was in a concrete walled channel when under an open sky. Either to that avenue or the one before it.

Click on the picture above for a full-size image.  I was more than halfway to the rental shop before I realized I’d left my camera behind.  Last night I found that all of my recently fully recharged Powerx rechargeable batteries had failed to hold their charges.  Maybe it’s the camera, eh?  A several years old factory refurb when I bought it at least five years ago – Pentax Optio WR 3.2 mp digital camera that looks like a Klondike bar and is about the same size.  Anyway, I saw amazing and beautiful things yesterday and I’m bummed that I have no photographic evidence of same.


Just a quick edit.  This evening I walked part of that route.  The gate surrounding the tin-roofed building under the arrow at left was open, but the building was locked, and there was no one around to get me in to the building.  The water level was really low today, I have no idea why.  I enjoyed walking around the alleys.  I have always liked alleys.

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