Photos of Farmland, Indiana

The other day during our annual Christmas sojourn at my wife’s family home I had a taste for Rootbeer Barrel hard candy.  My father-in-law mentioned the candy store at Farmland had a wide variety of hard to find candy and other items.  I was reminded of an intentionally disgusting variety of specialty jelly beans, and thought they might also have them in stock.  So to Farmland I drove, happy for another opportunity to drive through the odd, but even then on the melt, snowdrift in the new-to-us 2004 Volvo XC-70 we bought back in August.  What a terrific car – more powerful, heavier, and with greater cargo capacity than the 1993 Volvo 940T it replaced, this all-wheel-drive vehicle gets better all around gas-mileage than the older turbocharged 4-cylinder ever did.  Last Sunday, after listening to an Arminian sermon light on doctrine, I tried to make the Cross-Country slide sideways in a completely snow-covered First Church of the Nazarene’s parking lot, but the car’s Haldex AWD system and Kumho tires kept traction.

That said, I’ve always liked Farmland, and thought that if I had to live anywhere in Indiana, I’d like to live at Rushville or Farmland.   Here are the photos I took while I was there on 12/29/10: