Photos of Farmland, Indiana

The other day during our annual Christmas sojourn at my wife’s family home I had a taste for Rootbeer Barrel hard candy.  My father-in-law mentioned the candy store at Farmland had a wide variety of hard to find candy and other items.  I was reminded of an intentionally disgusting variety of specialty jelly beans, and thought they might also have them in stock.  So to Farmland I drove, happy for another opportunity to drive through the odd, but even then on the melt, snowdrift in the new-to-us 2004 Volvo XC-70 we bought back in August.  What a terrific car – more powerful, heavier, and with greater cargo capacity than the 1993 Volvo 940T it replaced, this all-wheel-drive vehicle gets better all around gas-mileage than the older turbocharged 4-cylinder ever did.  Last Sunday, after listening to an Arminian sermon light on doctrine, I tried to make the Cross-Country slide sideways in a completely snow-covered First Church of the Nazarene’s parking lot, but the car’s Haldex AWD system and Kumho tires kept traction.

That said, I’ve always liked Farmland, and thought that if I had to live anywhere in Indiana, I’d like to live at Rushville or Farmland.   Here are the photos I took while I was there on 12/29/10:

5 thoughts on “Photos of Farmland, Indiana

  1. I’m afraid there’ll be no prize for me. I did find the “junction” amusing though. I mean wood siding butted up against brick. That’s a joke, but I doubt that’s what you had in mind.

    • Um, nope, that’s not what I had in mind, but now that you mention it, I’m concerned about what a Freudian analysis of my photo titles would reveal about the deformities of my character.

      Here’s a hint: I recently listened to an audio version of an Alison Weir (if that’s the correct spelling of her surname) title that ran to 13 tapes covering just under half that number of notable historical persons.

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