Facebook Friends Poll

I’ve got this one friend I liked pretty well before we “friended” each other on Facebook who’s got something like 790 Facebook “friends,” and I want to know whether he gets something like $150,000.00 per “friend?” The people I friend on Facebook are people I’d actually ask over to the house for lunch, dinner, or coffee, or with whom I would otherwise choose to spend free-time. The people I’ve blocked on Facebook (with the exception of one pretty decent person I stupidly blocked temporarily because we had a a real-world, er, clash that we’ve since tried to make right) are people I’d shoot dead (okay, that’s extreme, even for me, on the other hand, if it seemed warranted, maybe not) make feel pretty unwelcome if they showed up at my house.

(8/31/11) I’ve been thinking about my occasional tendency to make extreme statements, and find I’m less comfortable with them lately and have therefore made fewer of them.  Maturity?  Perspective?  Struck sensible all of a sudden?  Who knows?  What I do know is that I’m not “trying,” and that the phenomenon is genuine, while it lasts.

What I want to know from you is the standard by which you judge someone Facebook “friend”-worthy.

4 thoughts on “Facebook Friends Poll

  1. You didn’t give me the opportunity to vote for multiple categories, so let me admit that there are some “acquaintances” mixed in with the “friends”. But mostly friends, and definitely no strangers. I find it kind of creepy to get a friend request from someone I don’t know.

    • Probably there is a Poll-Daddy setting to enable the recording of multiple clickings, but I didn’t give it very much thought. I got hung up on thinking through possible combinations and gave up as a bad job the idea of listing them all as options.

      I’ve had some creepy requests from people I didn’t know that I ignored.

      Thinking about my post above the poll, I found that I overused the word, ‘something,’ like two times.

      Also, I’ve a couple of times sent friend requests to people I’ve on friends’ friend lists.

      I still wish I had a hundred fifty thousand dollars for every Facebook friend that one friend of mine has.

  2. My facebook friend list is a mixture of real-world friends, political acquaintances, networking folks, and people I have went to school with. I don’t add people completely at random, but I’m in no way overly selective about who I add–for good reason. Some people I’ve never met but keep up with because we run in similar circles or have online relationships with (like blogging friends, political writers, etc) and some I’ve only met at things like conferences and trips. Sometimes, I will go a year or so without even sending them a wall post, but they are handy to have when I need to catch-up or when I do drop in to see how things are going.

    • I’d not given it much thought, but yes, it’s obvious the reason you keep a Facebook account determines your criteria for adding “friends” to the account’s mutual access list. My reason for setting up the account was to maintain contact with relatives I don’t get to see very often, and that quickly expanded to people I’ve met and like or people I’ve “met” online and like.

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