Monday’s Leadership Lesson

If you’ve been hired to work as a manager, understand the “product” the unit you’re responsible for produces.  You’ve got to understand two things in this regard when you work in an agency that provides services:

  1. What it is the agency has been chartered to do
  2. What the agency actually does

In regard to each, if you have a lick of sense, you will apply a value test.  Simply put, you will ask yourself, regarding the service or services provided, “Is it valuable?”  Your task is to promote and encourage what is valuable and, if you find your agency or company is all about something loathsomely else, to find ways of providing or producing value.  You have a moral obligation to promote value and work to transform a bogus waste of “customer” money into a producer of value.

If you got your job because you convinced the person or group that hired you that your goal is exact abject compliance with their demands, that you would, in essence, “suck-up and kick-down,” then you are an unworthy person deserving of nothing more than contempt.  If you are a careerist hack committed to the Potemkin Village model of public or any other service, you have another kind of problem, but are still deserving only of contempt.

You have a moral obligation to foster, to promote value.