MKS Lambda Pedals


Arrived today, a set of MKS Lambda pedals – Rivendell Bicycle Works calls these Grip King Pedals, but I think they are the same product I purchased from  I was expecting them Thursday, but they arrived in today’s mail.  They’re a bit smaller than I was expecting, but I think will help keep my feet on the pedals when my bicycle’s wheels strike some irregularity in the road’s surface when I’m wearing stiff-soled bike shoes, and will be more comfortable when pedaling in ordinary sneakers.  They are the pedal of last resort before I take the plunge with toe-clips.  The Razesa came with toe-clips, but they were too small to admit my feet, even when shod in aforesaid bike shoes.  The reviews on Amazon were pretty good. 


Those pedals remind me of Gimli’s axe.