Normandy Bike Ride

Glass of Water with Lemon

Glass of water with lemon at Normandy River Cafe, Normandy, Tennessee

I’d planned to make this ride with my friend, Adrian, the guy who bought the nearly new condition old Bianchi last week, but he got sick and couldn’t make it.  The rough pavement on Cascade Hollow Road would’ve probably done for his bike’s original equipment 27 year-old (?!) Michelin tires, though.  My own bicycle’s Continental Gatorskin tires did fine, and it was a long way down that bumpy road.  At the bottom of the hollow is George Dickel Distillery – I snapped a picture of the company’s roadside sign with three birds next to it – I think they are wild turkeys.  An old man, probably somebody’s grand-dad, stopped me a minute or two later asking directions.  Spooky stuff, people.

Distillery Sign

Wild turkeys and George Dickel Distillery sign

George Dickel distillery

A pleasant morning in the hollow

I didn’t stop to take the tour, but pedaled on into Normandy where I stopped at a cafe that wasn’t open for the day, yet, and ordered a bowl of turkey chili and some ice-water with lemon.   I rode on through Normandy to the fish hatchery and to the dam.  It was a very windy, but otherwise pleasant morning for a bike ride.

Normandy House

Old house on the main street at Normandy, Tennessee

Normandy Cafe

That's me, smiling for the camera at the Normandy River Cafe

Normandy fish hatchery

Normandy fish hatchery on the Duck River

Normandy Dam

Watergates at Normandy dam

2 thoughts on “Normandy Bike Ride

  1. Looks nice. We’re with the Airstream & vintage campers at St. Mountain park near our home this weekend. No kayaks, but put the Cannondale Quick 6 around the rock this evening for about 15 miles. Have you kayaked as little as me lately?

    • It’s been almost a year since I’ve kayaked – those rides last week along the shores of Old Hickory Lake and yesterday (maybe a 20 – 22 mile round trip) at the Duck River and Normandy Dam reminded me that I’d like to go paddling again soon. I gave the E68 to my friend, Eric – the guy who gave me the road bike, but I need to dust off the Pionier soon.

      The Airstream, man, you two have got it made when it comes to incorporating recreation into your lifestyle…

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