Spring Saturday Bike Ride

“This is the day I ride to the top,” I thought as I rose out of the saddle pedaling but then, a sprocket-thing felt like it slipped and the crank met no resistance and without motive force my bike and I lost momentum and I had to get off it and push it a few yards before getting back on and pedaling the rest of my route.  I was bummed; I may have cussed.  One of the other hills was pretty tough, but I had no problem riding it.  The main highway back to town presented me with a not-quite-howling-but-still-strong headwind all the way in to the right turn I take before the traffic light.  For a lot of the ride today, I rode like a stranger in my own body and a stranger to my bike – none of my movements coordinated well together with body or bike.  Still, I got some exercise and took some pictures at a waterfall on private property a few miles from my house.  Click on the pictures for larger images.


Bathing bronze and Razesa bike


Profile in black and white because the color contrast was not good

Not Reichenbach Falls

Not the Reichenbach falls and no Moriarty today


Gazebo by the old house


Red barn’s a little run-down and looks like it’s not used


I stopped a couple of miles from home to rest a minute and drink water