A Bug in My Eye

Yesterday evening I tried riding my Razesa quickly around the neighborhood.  I love that bike – it is fast and light.  I have real confidence in its cornering ability.  I LIKE its Continental Gatorskin tires.  But it got stuck in the hardest gear on both the large and small ring, which annoyed.  Nope, I couldn’t figure it out quickly, so I pedaled back to the house and got the Miyata out to finish the ride.

That Selle Italia saddle on the Miyata felt wrong, even after properly adjusting seat height and stem height, so I slid it forward a bit on its rails and it made a tremendous difference in comfort and ride-ability.  The bike felt like it was made for me.

Because it’s a purpose-built touring bike, I felt the Miyata should be capable of pulling something behind, so hooked up my son’s trailer bike to the seatpost for a family bike ride a little later.  The resultant “tandem” felt a little more wobbly than did the Trek Navigator 1.0 with the trailer bike attached, but it was manageable.  My son seemed to enjoy the ride well enough.  We rode around the neighborhood intending also to ride all the culs-de-sac (sp?).  On the second of these “circles,” as my son calls them, a gnat or some other small winged bug flew into one of my eyes.  It resulted in an intense burning sensation.  Then both my eyes started watering.  My nose, not wanting to miss out on the fun, decided to void all snot.  And the old bod likewise decided it was time void all sweat.  What a disgusting sight I must have presented.

My wife was unable to see the bug in my eye.  My little boy kept demanding an opportunity to look for the bug in my eye.  When the eyes quit watering enough for me to ride on, we just rode back to the house.  I need to get some glasses for cycling, but I don’t want sunglasses.  Any suggestions?

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