This week I ate a couple of big meals – Sunday evening at Ruby Tuesday, I ordered an Alpine cheeseburger with onion rings and also consumed two or three plates of salad from the salad bar.  The following evening, at Doros’ and Chrisa’s, I ate two plates full of pretty much everything Chrisa’d cooked, then two huge helpings of dessert – one a trifle and the other eclair.  Tuesday morning, I weighed-in at close to 177#.  That’s not all due to having overeaten on Sunday and Monday.

Since I got sick in late May, I kept eating the same amounts of food but exercised less.  I’ve also been eating more snack foods than usual – gotta quit that.  I’m now trying to increase the exercise and reduce the amount of food I’m eating.  If I can’t manage this, I’ll be heading back to Weight Watchers.

3 thoughts on “Overeating

  1. I hear you, just back from vacation. Gained 5 lbs. ! Back on an eating/excercise routine and it is dropping off. Went from 176 to 181 real fast.

  2. For a long time, before I started riding, I was staying down around 165, but riding made me hungrier and I was able to maintain about 170 for a long time. 177 freaked me out. I can lie to myself about the way I look, feel, and my clothes fit, but the scale doesn’t lie. Down to about 174 this evening after riding a bunch of hills. Of course I’m hungry again. Gotta lay off the Cheezitz-Chex-Mix.

    Did you do any paddling in Michigan?

    • yes, paddled a very windy Lake Michigan and a couple of lakes near Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lake Shore. Very scenic. Also biked some nice trails in Michigan. Unfortunately or fortunately ate too much good food at relatives in Ohio. Working it off on hills here in Atlanta now.

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