Elk River Century–50 Mile Ride


Yup, I signed up for the Elk River Century 50-miler.  I’ve only been riding road bikes since about February, so when I signed up a few months ago, I thought this would be the most reasonable ride.  Other routes available were 10, 36, 62, and 100 (hence the name, Century).  For this event I have been preparing by riding hills around Stepford and during my recent Gallatin trip.  Also why Adrian, Tim, and I rode out to Lynchburg last Saturday and why Adrian and I rode in to Lynchburg and back out on the final 14 or so miles of the route last Monday.  While in Bedford County, we paused at Grassland Farm / Alexander Greer House to snap a few photos.  Highland Rim Bicycle Club did a very good job organizing the event and provided a couple of stops for food and drink on the way.

Adrian rode his still nearly new-old-stock 1986 Bianchi Trofeo, and I rode my far less than pristine and now franken-bike 1985 Razesa.  Adrian’s a better athlete than I am, or at any rate, a stronger cyclist.

Here’re the photos from Grassland Farm –



Did I mention that it rained a lot?  I got caught in a cloudburst riding in to the Lynchburg as I approached the square.  I took the two pictures below while still six or so miles from Lynchburg.


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